Public relations are still one of the most effective ways for tourism and hotel marketing. Do you use this powerful weapon well enough for your hotel or your brand?

We manage your hotel’s brand identity and perception in the eyes of the public, and protect your brand from adverse influences and crises.

Media and Press Relations

With our connections in the media industry, we support you to tell your stories and highlight your brand. We help you to reach the leaders who can support your brand organically, and to identify the right ways to effectively collaborate with them.

Blogger Communication

We collaborate with the bloggers, who are strong on social media and who are influential on their mass, for your hotel, and we work together to produce the value-added content for your user experience projects. To sum up, we talk about your hotel and the experience you offer from the perspective of the people, who are influential in digital.

Crisis Management

The tourism industry is an industry that receives its share easily from every negative situation that comes from home or abroad, and affects it. Instead of being silent in crisis situations, we remove all negative thoughts of people about your hotel with positive communication, effective social media strategies and mass management actions.