We make experiences of your customers with you memorable!

To create a positive experience for the guests in the hospitality industry, we must be at each stage of 360-degree life cycle of a guest. We need to identify the points where experiences of the guest start and ends

Because no guest experience starts when the guest purchases the holiday or comes to the hotel. It does not end either when the guest returns to his home at the end of his holiday. We make experiences of your customers with you memorable!

Online Request, Complaint and Opinion Management

With this service, which is based on management of your brand together with monitoring user opinions about your products and services in digital media, and we create an environment in which you establish an effective communication with your customers in a variety of fields from customer relationship management to information law.

Online Satisfaction Measurement and Analysis

In its shortest definition, guest satisfaction is the satisfaction rate after the customer’s needs are fulfilled and his requests are met.
We tell what kind of loyalty programs you can implement after we measure your hotel brand’s satisfaction and conduct analyzes, so that you can gain more loyal customers.

Social Customer Relationship Management

Are you aware that the users that reach your brand from Instagram, and ask booking and price information are “potential customers”?

We provide 24/7 service on your hotel’s social network accounts, so that your guests or potential guests, who look for more information about your hotel, do not remain unanswered!

Loyalty Management

With our loyalty management solutions, we ensure that your existing guests are followed closely, they are cared more, and they are rewarded for their loyalty to your hotel. By contributing to guest loyalty, we ensure that your profitability and competitive power increase in the long-term.