Among the hundreds of different advertising options, we know which ones are the most relevant for your business.

You have perfected your accommodation services, created your brand, and taken part on online channels. One last step left. To reach your target audience with the right advertising approaches!

Among hundreds of different advertising options, we know which ones are the most relevant for your business. Let us help you to grow your business by reaching the right customers with the right strategies.

Google Adwords, Yandex Direct

With the advertising plans we implement on search engines, our goal is to always attract the most right target audience to your hotel’s website, and to convert them to direct reservation.

Advertisement Planning on Social Networks

The sponsored content areas of social networks are the most suitable channels to convey the brand experience and message of hotels. We “plan your advertising investments on social networks according to periods”, so that your hotel’s experience reaches to the most right audience, and the awareness and sales of your brand raises.

Digital Advertisement Planning in Target Markets

In every market you target, no matter whether it is in home or abroad, we at your side all around the world. We set up regional strategies, and perform all advertisement planning and procurement works of your brand together with our business partners in Russia, Europe, Ukraine and Baltic countries.

Community and Interaction Management

We incorporate your guests into the social communication process, and we make your potential customers aware of the experience you deliver and the synergy of your hotel! We develop integrated projects with our animation team, and express your hotel’s “experience” highlight in the most effective way!

Reputation Management on Social Networks

The first thing the potential guests, who prefer you or decide to purchase, will notice when they check your “social network accounts” is the number of “complaint” and dissatisfaction messages. We strengthen your reputation on social networks with our moderation and guest management!